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  1. Sewing tutorial
  2. Pattern drafting
  3. Dart manipulation
  4. Garment creations
  5. Accessories designs

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Fashion trends for Enterpreneurs


What Every Fashion Designer Should Know before venturing in

Should you create your own brand or work within an established company?

Mrs A Mosa
Creative Director

February 14 2019

FashionDesign is a challenging profession, and most designers learn early on in their careers that there are two ways to do it. Some choose to take the entrepreneurial route and launch their own brand, they usually have to deal with the challenges of production, marketing, sales, promotion, human resources management, Logistics, supply chain and eCommerce etc

An alternative business model in fashion will be to leverage on capabilities and expertise of established brand pattern with and design for them. Obviously this will must likely limited their creative control, but the main advantage will be avoiding financial risk incurred by sole business owners.

Start your year right

Learning to sew can become a reality in 2019. Chose a training schedule that is convenient, in a serene environment, with the best machines and tools to help you learn fast.You decide how much time and for how long you desire to learn; also available you can tailoring your learning to suit your requirements which means you don’t have to follow a strict curriculum.Classes start from 7th January 2019

The Fashion design process

The fashion designer is involved in the process of garment creation, in order to begin these process it is important to get all the tools needed before starting.

Checklist of all necessary tools

  • Sewing machine
  • Tape measure
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Fabrics

A fashion designer is artistic and creative, they have a passion for fashion and love working in a highly creative and dynamic environment.

The fashion designer works in an environment that goes beyond the glits and glamour.

The Fashion designer will usually have a broad knowledge of the whole design process like illustration sketching pattern drafting, stitching etc.

Fashion design trainings teach a vast number of design subjects including textiles clothing construction computer aided design and so on.

This prepares the designer to work in the fashion industry

Importance of measurements taking in garment creation

To achieve a good garment fit it is important to take accurate measurements and transfer this measurements correctly on your pattern.

There are different ways of getting measurements used by fashion designers; you may get them from a model or your clients or by using a professional dress form.

Things to note when taking measurements: Ensure that the measuring tape is firm but not tight

Your forefinger and thumb should be able to fit between the area and tape this ensures ease

Take vertical measurements first e.g measure down from the waist to the hipline to get the hip point measurement.

For bust measurement:measure around the fullest part of the breast and across the shoulder blades.

For waist measurement: measure around the natural waist line.

For hip measurement: measure around the fullest part of the hip(it is good to sit down whilst taking the hip measurement ) for ease

How to know is the Fashion industry is for you.

Check list of skills to let you know if you can become a successful Fashion designer.

  1. Highly creative; creativity and artistic ability is essential.
  2. Drawing and sketching skills
  3. Understanding colors and how to combine colors and fabric textures.
  4. Visualisation, ability to see and envision with your and translate on paper.
  5. Business management skills
  6. Ability to work well with teams
  7. Good communication skills
  8. Interpersonal skills
  9. Passionate and highly competitive because the fashion industry is very competitive.
  10. Highly knowledgable of the fashion industry always continuously upgrade your skills.
  11. Problem solving and analytical skills.
  12. Attention to detail.

Why you need the Fashion design t

Everyone, no matter no matter their present situation should have a there disposal skills that can be useful in the occasion of a need to earn extra income. This could be has a result of loss of income, increase in responsibility, sudden financial emergencies which will require such.

Fashion designing is one business that has been proven to bring in great revenue for so little expenditure of capital. A lot of fashionable people have at some time in their life would wish to possess the requite skills to be able to produce garment for themselves and others.  There is no greater or feeling of fulfilment when you are able to produce stunning piece from inspirations that you had always had with, the frustrations you fill when they are able to produce your garment exactly the way you envisioned them.

The skill of Fashion design can provide you a means of livelihood if the need arises. You can easily carve out a niche for yourself; the fashion industry is large and it’s fast growing in Nigeria with many arrears that have not been fully explored. Instead of waiting around for that elusive, or banking on job security where there is none, the enormous competition for minimal jobs available has necessity the need to create addition income and alternate source of income other than the white collar jobs.

This fashion course has been designed to be a simplistic has possible and able to meet the needs of all, no matter the purpose for which they seek training.

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The Fashion industry

Making the Dream A Reality

The Fashion Business is an exciting and diverse industry, with an increasing number of new fashion businesses starting up in Nigeria annually.

New and aspiring fashion entrepreneurs are coming for variation of  backgrounds with a lot of graduates now starting their own fashion labels the industry is becoming highly competitive and innovative.

An overview of the Fashion industry and what makes it tick will guide you through the issues you need to think about before you start your new business and take you through the key steps involved in setting up that business. You will need to learn how to conduct the research needed for your business plan and get practical teaching on building your brand, garment production process, getting qualified staff, Marketing and PR etc.